Sight loss counselling

Losing your sight all of a sudden or being told that your sight is deteriorating can be like a bereavement. Having someone to talk this through with, who can really understand and empathise with how you are feeling can really help.

Equally if you have been blind or visually impaired since you were born or from a very young age, there can be a variety of barriers, issues and difficulties you may face in relation to your sight impairment.

Being able to talk about any of aspect of your sight loss in a safe and non-judgemental environment can help you to tackle how you are feeling and help you to move forward in a positive way.

All counselling is currently being offered either over the telephone or online and once lockdown restrictions lift, this will move to face-to-face counselling where suitable.

Depending on funding, sight loss counselling will be offered either at a very reduced rate or in most cases free of charge. Please visit my contact page and get in touch to find out more.