Welcome to six dots counselling

Through six dots counselling we aim to provide a one-to-one counselling service to any adult who is living with sight loss in the Sefton and wider Merseyside area.
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Whether you have just been diagnosed with a sight limiting eye condition or if you have been blind or visually impaired all or part of your life, at six dots counselling we can provide you with a qualified counsellor who has an excellent understanding and lived experience of the very specific issues and barriers that may be troubling you.

Whether you need the time and space away from friends and family to talk through how your sight loss is impacting you, or perhaps you are facing an issue that isn’t directly sight loss related, we are here to help you work through it and together we will find a way forward.

We understand that during times of need and particularly given the barriers that people who have sight loss face, paying for counselling can be unaffordable - it is therefore our aim to offer this service free of charge, depending on the availability of funding at the time.

For further information please visit the services page